Our easy-to-install serviceĀ enablesĀ any website to offer Military, Student or First Responder discounts.

How It Works

  • Easy Installation

    Getting started can be simple as copy & paste. You can add a special discount in under 5 minutes, starting now.

  • Powerful Options

    Advanced merchants can integrated directly with their site, enabling unique discount codes, integrated verification & more.

  • Big Rewards

    The increased sales and loyalty you'll see from your customers is huge. No one regrets offering a special discount. Ever.

Military Discount

Military Discount

With 22 million Veterans in the U.S., it's easy to see why major retailers have been offering military discounts for generations.

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Student Discount

Student Discount

23 million university students account for $417B in annual online sales. If you have a college-aged demographic, you're missing a huge opportunity.

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You stay focused on your business. We'll verify eligibility for your discounts.


How do you verify military?

We verify military in a 3-step process.

First, we check if they have access to an e-mail ending in .mil. If they do, they automatically qualify!

If they don't, we ask for some non-sensitive information we can scan against a database. But this won't work for everyone, particularly older Veterans.

Finally, if the previous methods didn't work, we'll allow them to upload proof of their service. The response time on this is typically less than 15 minutes.

How do you verify students?

Student verification requires a .edu e-mail address in order to receive a discount code.

Every student enrolled in a U.S. university receives an address, which expires after they're no-longer enrolled.

How do you verify First Responders?

First Responders are required to upload formal proof of their eligibility, which is then inspected and destroyed by an ID Services staff member.

What happens to my customer's data?

Personal information is destroyed. including any documents used to assist in a positive verification.

Data may be encrypted and retained for up to 30 days for the purpose of reporting activity to merchants.

Customers who are required to submit an e-mail address for verification will not receive any additional e-mails from ID Services, its affiliates, or the merchant customer.