How does ID Services verify Teachers?

40% Instantly Verified

Upload ID Credential

We'll verify your customer's ID card, which is used to gain access to their respective campus. Once verified, we'll retain their status for five years.

Due to security measures, 100% of teachers in the United States are assigned a physical security credential in order to gain access to their campus. ID Services enables them to quickly snap of photo of this credential from their mobile device.

After the credential has been uploaded, we'll quickly get them verified - or let them know if there's a problem. Once verified, we'll mark their account as a Verified Teacher, and retain this status for five years.

2x Online Shopping

Compared to the average American, teachers shop online nearly twice as often. This is largely due to the fact every teacher has Internet access throughout the day - and supplemented by the fact they're always buying items for the classroom.

Approximately 85% of teachers are female - if your demographic suits it, they're a group worth supporting - not to mention the moral premise. Teachers notoriously spend their own money to benefit the children in their care, which benefits our entire community.

86% more likely to recommend a teacher-friendly business to a friend
Tight Social Networks

When asked, surveyed Teachers responded a majority of their social circles were with other professionals in public education.

In fact, the same survey concluded teachers were 86% more likely to refer a business which offered a discount to a friend. When you invest in a teacher discount, you're making an investment in an active, social community.