How does ID Services verify Students?

100% Instantly Verified

E-Mail Verification

We'll verify your customer's .edu e-mail address, and retain their verified status for 1 year.

100% of students in public universities and colleges are eligible to receive the discount. At this time, ID Services can only verify students living in the United States. Colleges who are for-profit may not issue e-mail addresses in .edu, and these are not viewed to be eligible by ID Services, as they're a business and not a public institution.

23 Million U.S. Students

If your customer base is younger, particularly if you sell anything related to apparel – you’re missing a massive opportunity. By offering a discount to students, you’re guaranteed to build their loyalty and keep them coming back for more.

Generation Z buys more online than all previous generations combined
$417B/year in Online Sales

Young people are the most active online buyers. Their generation accounts for more online spending than all other previous generations combined.

This may be the reason large corporations like Apple invest in Student discounts. Once you earn the loyalty of a person, you almost have to work to take it away. Your shoppers will remember your help for years to come.