Why Offer a Student Discount

23 Million U.S. Students

If your customer base is younger, particularly if you sell anything related to apparel – you’re missing a massive opportunity. By offering a discount to students, you’re guaranteed to build their loyalty and keep them coming back for more.

$417B/year in Online Sales

Young people are the most active online buyers. Their generation accounts for more online spending than all other previous generations combined.

Verification Process

Our First Step

Check if your customer has a .edu e-mail address. If they do, they automatically qualify. All students are issued a .edu e-mail address.

Our Second Step

We’ll send your customer a discount code to your store. Upload a discount code to ID Services or connect with your website.


If your platform allows HTML editing, you can build military verification right into your website. If not, design a simple website where people can verify their status and receive your discount.

Landing Page: https://demostore.id.services


Design your own or choose from dozens of included banners.


Requires some basic CSS knowledge.

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Student Discount

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Experience for yourself why companies like Amazon, Apple and Verizon offer a Student Discount

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