Connect your ID Services account for instant installation. Download plugins below.

1-Click Install

Just copy & paste your account key to offer a military discount in your store. Fully customizable.

Buttons or Banners

Plugin includes a simple checkbox to add a Military Discount button or banner to your cart/checkout page.

Unique Discount Codes

Positive verifications generate a unique, single-use discount code for your store.

Add a plugin

Download and install one of our WooCommerce plugins:

These simple plugins are officially supported by ID Services as an easy way to offer a verified discount in your WooCommerce store.

Connect your ID Services Account

The only thing necessary to connect with ID Services is your Private Key from within your account. This key can be found under Integrated Verification -> API.

By copying this key into the Connect Your Account section of the Military, Student or First Responder Discount plugin, you’re enabling ID Services to communicate with your store securely (to generate unique discount codes, modify your store’s info, etc.).

Choose how to display your discount

Now that your plugin is communicating with ID Services, you’ll notice some options have become available – like adding a button to your cart or checkout page. Buttons are intelligently added near the Promo Code portion of your page. Of course, if you’re comfortable with HTML you could add them in a custom way you prefer (by following directions in your ID Services account).

ID Services is fast, easy, and free to try.