Use our native Wix app to add our services in only a few clicks. No code required.

1-Click Install

Code snippets are simple, but our Wix app makes it even simpler.

Buttons or Banners

Full control over your design. Add a simple button to your cart page or one of several banners.

Same Easy Pricing

Upgrade to Premium before your trial expires to use our services for just $9.99/mo.

Add the app

Add the app to your store from the Wix app market. You can find our app ID Discounts on the Wix App Market and install by clicking the “Add App” button.

On your website, you’ll notice a banner has been created for you with a simple default image – but you can change this to suit your website’s look and feel. To use a different banner or button for your Wix military discount, simply double-click your banner and set the desired widget. Please note you can also change the type to offer a student discount on Wix, along with First Responders.

Create a discount code

Wix offers several apps to allow you to sell products through your Wix website. The way you charge customers isn’t important to ID Services, but what is important is that you’re allowed to create a discount code (or “coupon code”). Discount codes would be used if, for example, you were running a social media promotion and saying something like, “Labor Day discount! 25% with code LDAY-25“. Well here, we’ll do the exact same thing. So find the way you’re selling products, and add a discount code you want us to share with your customer after we verify them.

Usually the best method is to create a code that others think was created just for them, so they’re less likely to share the code. For instance, to offer a military discount on Wix we’d recommend creating a code like MIL-hb4Ty4 rather than a simple MILITARY-10. Of course, it’s up to you!

You should update your Wix military discount code periodically, too.

Customize your widget or add other discounts

To copy your widget, simple press Ctrl + C and then Ctrl + V. If you want to add other offers like a Wix Student discount or First Responder, simply change the widget to your desired group. You’ll be presented a new slew of banners (or if you’re using a button, the text will reset to something generic).

You can set options on your button to more naturally blend with your theme, like changing the colors or curving the borders.