Shopify apps allow simple billing and easy integration into your store.

1 Code Snippet

Simple snippet lets you add a banner or button to your Shopify store. Integrate however you see fit.

Shopify Billing

No ID Services account necessary, just install any Shopify app to begin your free trial.

Unique Discount Codes

Integrates with Shopify’s Bulk Discounts app to generate unique discount codes.

Install one of our Shopify apps

Detailed instructions are available inside each app, along with a basic report of who’s been verified and what code they received.

Create a single discount code or generate bulk discounts

Single Discount Code

You might just want to try offering a military discount on your Shopify store to test the waters and see if it improves conversions. In this case, the easiest option is just to add a single discount code in the same way you’d offer a single code for a promotional sale, etc.. You’ll just copy and paste the code into our app.

Multiple, Single-Use Unique Discount Codes

On the other hand, you might be interested in generating unique, single-use discount codes to protect your offer from being posted to websites or shared with others. In this case, we make integrating with Bulk Discounts very easy. Bulk Discounts is an app by Shopify which allows you to generate thousands of unique codes for use in your store. The only thing necessary is for you to download a CSV export and upload it straight into our app. (We provide step-by-step instructions for doing this inside all of our Shopify apps.)

Add a banner or button to your theme

All our apps come with several free promotional banners, with things like “Military Discount – Click for promo code” available from inside the app. In many cases, you’ll want to add this banner to your cart page, which is very easy. We provide up-to-date, detailed instructions for copying the code to your store – but if you get stuck, we’re happy to come do it for you. It only takes our Shopify experts a few minutes and it’s totally free.

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