Get a customized landing page for your store to offer a military discount on Etsy.

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2-Minute Setup

Designed with Etsy in mind, setup can be done very quickly so you stay focused on selling.


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Your page verifies customers using ID Services and returns them with a discount code.


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We verify eligibility and provide real-time analytics available 24/7.


How to offer a Military or Student Discount on Etsy

Create Account

Create an ID Services account and add whichever Service(s) you want to use. For security purposes, a credit card is required to begin trial.

Create a discount code

Etsy makes it very easy to create a discount code, but we’ll lay it out here in case you’re unfamiliar. This is what we’ll release to your customer after verification!

Simply head to Promote -> Coupon Codes from your Etsy dashboard. This is where you’ll want to create a single coupon code for your discount. This section is fully controlled from your Etsy account, so there’s no need to do anything extra on ID Services.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 2.26.31 PM

Coupon Code: Something unique and representative of your discount, like mil-bRpn6f.

Thank You Coupon: Unchecked. Otherwise, it would defeat the purpose! Though it’s definitely worth considering as an alternate way to promote your business.

Discount Type and Minimum Purchase: Up to you. Just make sure to make it clear in your Discount Description.

Expiration Date: Set this far away in the future. Otherwise, the code could expire and you might lose a sale.

Status: Active.

After you’re done, just come back to your ID Services account and copy/paste it into the Single Discount Code box under the Verification tab.

Copy Landing Page URL

In your ID Services account, click Landing Page -> Go. This is your personal verification page, so copy or write down the URL in the top bar of your browser.

Now it’s up to you to decide where to promote your discount! You could:

  • Paste the link in your product descriptions for the most visibility + conversion rate improvement
  • Create an announcement
  • Add it to your store’s description or policies

Wherever you decide to place your military discount link on your Etsy store depends a lot on how much you want people to see/use it. The benefits of offering this kind of discount are huge, but in some cases you might prefer keeping it private/reserved for customers who ask. You could always try different placements to test for the best results.

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