Why Offer a Military Discount

22 Million People Eligible

Companies have done it for decades: Home Depot, Advance Auto, 24 Hour Fitness, Foot Locker, Greyhound, Michael’s, Payless Shoes — and hundreds more. They all realized the colossal marketing opportunity by supporting our nation’s heroes.

95% More Likely to Return

You already know it’s harder to find a new customer than keep an existing one. By offering a military discount, your customers will return time-and-time again.

Verification Process

Our First Step

Check if your customer has a .mil e-mail address. If they do, they automatically qualify.

Our Second Step

We’ll scan personal non-sensitive information against a DOD database. If there’s a match, they qualify.

Our Final Step

We let them upload a document proving their military service. We’ll verify it quickly and provide their discount.


If your platform allows HTML editing, you can build military verification right into your website. If not, design a simple website where people can verify their status and receive your discount.

Landing Page: https://demostore.id.services


Design your own or choose from dozens of included banners.


Requires some basic CSS knowledge.

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Military Discount

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