Why Offer a First Responder Discount

Synergy with Military Discount

Offering a discount to First Responders goes great with a Military Discount. In many cases, businesses want to offer both. There are around 2 million people eligible in the U.S., so if you’re unsure about your demographic – try offering a Military Discount first.

Unmatched Loyalty

In the same way you offer a Military Discount, those who qualify are sure to return for more business. Those who aren’t eligible won’t mind because these discounts are so common.

Verification Process

Our First Step

We’ll allow your customer to upload valid proof of service, like a pay stub, badge, or official identification. Eligible recipients include Police, Fire, and EMT.

Our Second Step

We’ll quickly verify your customer’s eligibility and provide them a discount for your store.


If your platform allows HTML editing, you can build First Responder verification right into your website. If not, design a simple website where people can verify their status and receive your discount.

Landing Page: https://demostore.id.services


Design your own or choose from dozens of included banners.


Requires some basic CSS knowledge.

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First Responder Discount

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