How does ID Services verify First Responders?

40% Instantly Verified

Document Upload

We’ll allow your customer to upload valid proof of service, like a pay stub, badge, or official identification. Eligible recipients include Police, Fire, and EMT.

Potential recipients will be able to able a proof-of-service document including badges (with their name on it), paystubs, and other official identification.

When a document has been uploaded, we'll send them an e-mail receipt to acknowledge delivery. Inspection often occurs within minutes, though we say it can take up to 1 hour between the hours of 6AM - 9PM PST. Upon inspection, we'll send them a confirmation of their approval, and instruct them to re-visit the popup in order to retrieve their discount. Verified Members will not need to re-verify their status after approval.

What happens if ID Services declines the document?
There are two kinds of "bad" submissions. The first kind is the "cat picture", or "any random picture I happened to have because I wonder if anyone over there actually checks". In this case, ID Services will reply with a generic declined e-mail reminding them of acceptable documents, and allow them to try again. The second kind is a genuine misunderstanding - a blurry photo or a password-protected PDF document. In this case, ID Services replies with a handwritten message to the applicant to help them get verified.

Synergy with Military Discount

Offering a discount to First Responders goes great with a Military Discount. In many cases, businesses want to offer both. There are around 2 million people eligible in the U.S. (not including immediate family), so if you’re unsure about your demographic – try offering a Military Discount first.

Demographics like fitness, outdoor, hunting/shooting, or health supplements will find a ton of success through offering both a Military & First Responder Discount. It would be unusual, though not unheard of - to offer a First Responder Discount without also offering a Military Discount.

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In the same way you offer a Military Discount, those who qualify are sure to return for more business. Those who aren’t eligible won’t mind because these discounts are so common.